Depression is an Illness

Depression is an illness. And, there is not one of us who hasn’t experienced it at some time or other. Your kids can suffer from depression as well, and this is something you need to be aware of.

What is depression? Depression is when a person is no longer motivated to be part of life. There is a feeling of helplessness, and a withdrawal from any social activity. Before depression though, there is a certain belief or way of thinking leading up to it. It’s a specific belief pattern that links to the depression. Not necessarily a particular event in your life, but how that event is interpreted.

The core belief behind depression is a “why bother” thinking. “Why bother” about having goals that aren’t achievable. We all have goals, but let’s make them achievable. The reality is, not everybody can be a brain surgeon, or a world famous actor, or a super-hero. Setting goals that aren’t achievable is setting you up for failure. For some, failure can lead to feeling unworthy, that your path is going the wrong way. Then you will should yourself to death. -“I should have done this…I should have done that…”

Here’s the bottom line – there is no right or wrong path. It’s just part of the journey. Even when you do feel depressed it can be a growing/learning process. This is where the biggest lessons are learned, in the valleys of your life. Everyone is always striving for the top of the hill, and the more you learn, the more time you can spend on the hilltop. To be honest, you will find that personal development takes place through your life events and experiences.

By changing the belief choices so that new information can come in, you grow. And you must know, everybody is doing the best they can, with the information they have. Life is not about Winning or Failing. It is about Winning and Learning.

Stress is created when life is not going according to plan. Well, there again, life does not always go according to plan. This also doesn’t mean you are a failure.

And let’s not forget, a child can experience depression too. They might show signs of irritability or anger, sadness and withdrawal, a change in sleeping or eating pattern, difficulty concentrating, outbursts, crying, disinterest in clothes, and keeping themselves clean. It does vary from child to child, although there are similarities between adult depression and depression in a child.

Depression is an illness, and if left to go for too long, that Black Dog can really grab hold, and not let go. If you suspect yourself, or your child might be suffering depression, please seek counselling or medical help.

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