Strategies For getting From Anxious to Calm

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from anxious to calm


Let’s look at some strategies for getting from anxious to calm this post.  This is really one for the parents, as I hear of many parents struggling with anxiety and stress recently. This makes it difficult to deal with, and care for children – with thinking becoming distorted, and triggers firing off negative reactions to often, minor events. Everyone suffers. As those of you who suffer from anxiety probably know – it can lead to depression. Today, let’s look at some of the strategies you can use to shift that anxiety to a more positive emotion.

Go outside – get some fresh air, look at the sky. There might be a favourite quiet place you can go to – a beach, a church, a park, somewhere you can go and reflect . Sunshine is always a good recipe for feeling better. Quite often, you may not want to leave your bed, or the inside of your house. This is when you should do the opposite, and move.

Do something – Be busy, clean the house, tidy up. There’s the old saying messy house, messy mind.   It might be the last thing you feel like doing, but if you’re surrounded by mess, you are going to be reminded of all the things you should be doing. Having a clean up gives you back some control, and besides – you will spend less time looking for things.

Have a throw out – old clothes, rubbish, half started projects you know you’re never going to finish. Everything that stops you from moving on with your life. (I did this today and took out 3 garbage bags! Found some stuff I had been missing too!)

Change your environment – Are you unhappy where you’re living? It might be that you are unable to move house. What else can you do? If it’s your own house, you can redecorate/paint it – if that’s not financially viable, buy some scatter cushions, or a new rug. If you’re unhappy at work, start looking around for something different. Put it out there. You do have choices.

Listen to music – Music has a profound effect on how we feel. I have heard that marching music is good for the soul, and is excellent for addressing anxiety. The upbeat rhythm has a positive effect on your mood, even if march music isn’t your cup of tea. for myself, I prefer relaxation music.

You will find other strategies for yourself. Keep a list of the ones that work for you – this is a great resource for you to look at when you hit crisis point.   If you keep this list handy, you can remind yourself of what has worked for you in the past.

For there to be some long term mood management there needs to be an element of order involved. If you are running your household efficiently, then you have a better chance of keeping your anxiety at bay, and you already have strategies for getting from anxious to calm.

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